December 31, 2012

FLUX on Dec 31, 2012

I AM IN COMPLETE FLUX!( which is funny because this is a glaze issue...)
I jumped out of bed with a brainstorm as I try to create subtle colorants for my ceramic work(especially on the white porcelain)...I want really subtle in parts... like a TINT... and I have this idea to spray or brush almost a wash of mason stain with 3134 on the bisque or over matte white glaze on bisque... THEN I SPILL the Pearl Grey Mason stain I had mixed a while back and saved(not a a dixie cup)and rush to the computer to remind myself what my breakdown of grit/stain and water was on the tests that I ran.... I then pull up Mason Stain's information to find the damn stains I wanted to use are discontinued... f bomb.

So I guess the real issue is I am trying to stop time...or stop the drying process to have the work look like it does when it is drying... the tips are lighter... the recessed areas darker...
I have a wish a hope a dream for 2013.
Clarity of mind.
Clarity of body. 
Clarity of spirit

Clarity of ceramic torture.

December 20, 2012

It's alway's SUMTHIN'... Thank you Rosanna, Rosannadanna...

Review of the Winter Whites Show at Vessels Gallery in The Boston Globe.
I think I was pretty lucky regarding the use of scary adjectives for the other work...
BUT my name is spelled wrong....(Judi with an "i"...hmmmm...)


DECEMBER 18, 2012
Celebrating white

White is the palette at Vessels Gallery. “Winter Whites” features ceramicists who work in or with white. Naoko Matsumoto’s “Coral Teapot” series features tiny pots that are creepy, fey, and exquisite. “Coral Teapot VI” looks covered with radiant barnacles, with spiky leaf-like forms for its handle. Joan Walton’s “Stretched White Tube” appears constructed with small, pebbly wads of gum, each seamed and crackly, mottled with brown. Judy Tavill’s vessels are deeply corrugated, creating a sense of fluid motion in a teapot or a bowl.
Also on view are Boston’s resident abstract expressionist Jo Ann Rothschild’s nutty and delightful cartoony drawings. These are spare and small compared with the artist’s paintings, less operatic and more sly. “Birthday, LC” features ragged inked circles, some squiggled over, some toothed or ringed with petals, frolicking around and over a steamy phantasm of pink folding into mauve — quite celebratory.

Full ARTS Review HERE!

OH... and I hope the apocalyptic ZOMBIES don't get you!
Best wishes!

December 13, 2012

Etsy Team RebuildRecover

Calling all Etsy Artists/Shops!!!
Jake has just set up RebuildRecover Team on Etsy
where artists/shop owners can join to contribute as little as 10% of an item that they sell to the cause by selling the item and then donating to their paypal account... you can message rebuildrecover on Etsy with any questions...He asked me 
to reach out to all of you COOL people as they continue to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy and plan to help in aiding those affected by similar disasters in the future(let's hope they have nothing to do...)

That said, they are a great goup of people and they have been contributing funds, items and volunteers to other organizations as well... such as Sea Bright Rising.... Things are slightly better but it is bound to be a "long strange trip" on the Jersey Shore and up through NYC... Thanks.

December 10, 2012


I decided if my customers are anything like me...
They may have more gifts to buy this holiday season
and I love the internet so I am putting it out there...
For $25, $50, and $75 OR you can contact me and we can set up a reserved $ amount!
All of the details are online and I think it is a 

December 02, 2012

In case you are in the BOSTON area...

vessels gallery logo
450 Harrison Avenue #71, Boston, MA 02118
617.426.1950 •

Major Pieces and Small Treasures
Functional and Non-Functional Ware
All by Ceramic Artists who Work in White
Eileen Braun
Bryan Hopkins
Elizabeth Kendall
Joan Lurie
Naoko Matsumoto
Megumi Naitoh
Jane Perryman
Judi Tavill
Joan Walton
Joan Zagrobelny
Join us on First Friday, December 7th, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm
to toast the holidays and welcome the white season.