December 16, 2013


As long as you drop on Friday...
Last Ship Date is 12/20: THIS FRIDAY at NOON!!!
Then I can't ship until 12/28!
A lot of newness in MY ETSY SHOP

November 13, 2013

Grayson Perry... Not in Drag

Great nuggets of commiseration and he is quite entertaining.

TateShots: Grayson Perry, studio visit-Short Video

November 11, 2013

October 29, 2013

October 05, 2013

Getting out there and the PODCAST down-low!

Check it out!
I am highlighted on THIS blog called "It's Drool Worthy!"
Very fun little shout out!
Check out some of her other posts too!
Very fun.

Also... I have 2 cups juried into the
 Gulf Coast State College Amelia Center Gallery 's 
 Annual Cup Show: 
Form and Function juried by ceramic artist Ben Carter.
Ben's Blog and Podcast  is really great... The Tales of a Red Clay Rambler...
He has great interviews with potters, ceramic artists and other creative minds.
It is both informative and inspiring!

While we are on the subject of PODCAST's... I also LOVE and wait for 
each new episode of the Brian R. Jonescast for another take on the 
ceramic art scene and the like. I am starting to come up with a lot of ideas 
on starting my own podcast... At this point it is really about a lack of time!

I even took on the challenge of TEACHING a 7 week 
Thursday Morning Adult Pottery Class at 
The Monmouth County Parks System's Creative Arts Center...
This is where I started learning about clay and I am both excited and nervous 
as I have not been a teacher because I am a bit PETRIFIED!
That said... I have been very inspired to take the plunge
in many areas of my life lately...

The aforementioned podcast interviews and several others 
have lit the fire under my but...
These are some other GREAT ones:
The Good Life Project
On Being with Krista Tippet
Sounds True Insights At The Edge with Tami Simon
They are all really interesting to me and many times insightful!
I often find new books to read or listen to after listening to these interviews...
as well as websites and products to explore...
especially other podcasts to follow from info on these podcasts...

September 03, 2013


Come to the MEDALTA CUP SHOW!!!
This FRIDAY, September 6th!

September 01, 2013


OK.. so I have donated a cup to the Solo Cup Benefit Show at Baltimore Clayworks.
The Artist with the Winning Cup (THE MOST VOTES) wins: 
I would like ( really like ) a solo exhibition there....
SO... If you would, please VOTE HERE !
The voting ends mid September 
(it would be great if you feel like getting the word out to your friends)
I promise....
I would step up to the plate to create a great show.
It's a great space... and in my home town(the town I grew up in).
The photo isn't really indicative of the cup but below is 
the photo they took... Much more chocolatey in real life!

Been using social media to get it out there:
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email.
I admit it... I am  being a tad floozy-like to achieve my goal.. 
It is a means to an end!

P.S. Just got back from an amazing trip to Montana...
A LOT of inspiration... hope to recap... soon!

August 10, 2013


So excited to be published on Carole Epp's Blog: Musing About Mud.
Awesome blog by an amazing ceramic artist.
Check it out HERE!

July 29, 2013


I create unique sculptural vessels and objects from stoneware or porcelain. My work is an abstraction of my observations: texture and pattern in nature; the elusive movement of wind and sea; the draping, folding and stretching of fabric. I throw each form on the potters’ wheel and the “dance” begins as I carve and manipulate the clay, exploring and pushing the limits of the material. I use glaze simply to accent rather than overtake, creating tension in the contrast: matte and glossy, light and dark, inner and outer.

July 15, 2013

Vegas BABY!

3 pieces in this show and a teapot alert on the mailer!

Clay Arts Vegas

July 04, 2013

I'm an artist, He's an Artist. Bring INDEPENDENCE to his SOUL!

The capitalization is like that on purpose...
I rant and rave about bringing attention to ALS
(Lou Gerrig's Disease)... Here is a guy that is really doing the work!
We all get stuff in the mail... and on Facebook and 
people call but this is the REAL DEAL.
Even your $10 could help... That is TWO COFFEES!!!
Check it out!
The trailer for his movie...
and contribute!!!

June 28, 2013

In the studio...

been working....

and posting on ETSY
and moving right along...

loving listening to podcasts while I work and while I walk... even when I hop in the car for errands...

I have thoughts on these podcasts, but I will save them for later...

June 02, 2013

Human Pugmill

Pugaliscious .
Pugging to the Oldies.
Please drop a fabulous pug mill next to me from the sky....
Wet hot pugginess.
 I will stop.

May 26, 2013

Celebrating other Artists and Crafts People

While I am hoping to get in my studio today, I have a ton going on planning a big MITZVAH in my son's/our life, so, I am definitely not being very productive in the studio... In fact, I THINK I will get in there today,however, it may not be much until after June 15th... his big day...

SO... I would like to showcase A fabulous artist, Andrew Ehrenworth ,who is particularly amazing with his work painting portraits of pets...dogs... I honestly never thought I would be having paintings done of our CANINE family member but Andrew's work is amazing and frankly... WE LOVE CHAI... more than we ever expected to fall for her!!! On his website you can see... he does a lot of fabulous work in oils... not solely canine nude models...

HERE is Andrew's video of his process... It is really nicely done AND I love how his process description show me the similarities between my work in clay and the risks taken that drive us crazy whilst really making the process so invigorating!!!

On top of Andrew completing the painting, Jon Peters, also a fabulous artist and craftsperson created a frame for the painting... He also created a video HERE which shows HIS process as well! (You've gotta love the video age and advancement of technology's place in education and the DIY movement.)

I especially like the comment Jon makes about wanting me to be happy since I am "a ceramic artist, so she's very particular"... FUNNY...

In the meantime, I will continue to soldier on... try to get in that studio... I have some sanding, repairing, glazing, firing, carving and throwing to do... UH YEAH... basically everything... and very minimal time to do it right now but as per usual this too shall pass and such is life and the show must go on and yes... tomorrow, Scarlet, is ...ANOTHER DAY.

April 01, 2013

Tortured by White? Switch to Brown!

After intense torture from my white clay...aka cone 6 porcelain...
I am switching back to yummy chewy gooey staining chocolate brown stoneware goodness for a while...
I have a new( new to me) sample of a sculpture clay in white coming to me.. any minute from Standard...
So... we will see if I like it... the idea of a gritty sandy clay is totally something I could sink my teeth into right now...
SO.. we shall see...
I was going to apply to some major craft shows and the deadlines are NOW....
So, rather than get pigeon holed into using the white that is KILLING ME...
I will let the deadlines pass(yet again) and see how I feel about the new clay and the the other color clays and when I am GOOD AND READY.... if it seems like a good show for me,
I will apply, or just approach the best representation for my work... but for now...
I am just working...