March 28, 2012

A little bit of PRESS...

I don't think this is what the cover looks like(I am waiting for mine in the mail)...
But, the lovely writer doing a piece on "art pottery' for
Cottages and Bungalows' May 2012 issue, asked me
if it would be alright to use my piece:

Well... of course I said yes...
That piece SOLD to a lovely lady in Denmark before the issue came out!
But THIS ONE is available... in MY ETSY SHOP!

So feel free to CLICK away!!!

March 19, 2012

Still for sale!

Do you see the girls on the right?
Just a heads up! They ship!!!

March 11, 2012

Are you in a buying mood???

Terra Incognito's show is up!!!
HERE under Coffee, Tea, or...?
Sunds Like a plan!
Check out how it looks:

Do you see my two cups????

March 04, 2012

Catching Up.

We are back from Whistler... Just adults...
No Kids... CRAZY... No sleep because we took a red eye and
I am in that exhausted buzz place right now waiting to CRASH.
It was a good break from the intensity of Pam leaving us...
Here are some of the snow board photos...
P.S. I am still with my husband of 18 years even though
I ended up having to wiggle down a cliff of sorts at one point!

Additionally, the 8 Fluid Oz. Cup Show has uploaded all of the images...
My cup has sold but it is nice to see the whole show!

I also had 2 cups accepted into The Coffee, Tea, Or ...? Show
at Terra Incognito Studios in Illinois.
My cup even made the poster:

Sadly, the correct spelling of my name,however,
did NOT get into the show... But... you can't have EVERYTHING!

I can't wait to get back into my studio but of course...
ther is laundry and errands and did I mention LAUNDRY??