December 31, 2010

Ending 2010

As we wrap up 2010,
I look back as we move forward...
Some wonderful memories this year and some...
well, some not-so-wonderful memories...
If you've read the blog, YOU do the math...

As I type this on my new IPAD, I am learning to
embrace technology in many aspects of my life, including my art...
Although at the present, I don't see it showing it's involvement in
the final work(transfers,etc), i do see it's place in the development
of ideas.

For instance, the sketch was created on the Sketchbook Pro
Application for the IPAD and i have found that i can work with layers
and manipulate the image in some interesting ways that i can apply
to my wax resist and glazing ideas and techniques that I'd like
to develop in this new year...
We shall see!

For now, lets be grateful for what we have, including the opportunities
that exist to be present and creative in each new day!
Thank YOU too for your PRESENCE in the "blog-o-sphere" too.
On with the show....

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