April 28, 2009

Here is to a great new year on Etsy!

Cheers. Well I may as well treat this as an opportunity for freshness. In my work and my life. Centering the clay AND becoming more centered and present. Ok. That's the plan. Are you in?

April 27, 2009


Today is my 2yr ETSY-VERSARY!
Monday APRIL 27th
(also my mom's bday!)
See shop announcement in MY SHOP!

For example:
This was $250...save $25.

April 24, 2009


I was asked if they could use the photo of my teapot when you click on Baltimore Clayworks...
Check it out...:

First click on baltimore on the map...then arts and entertainment... and then the photo slide show on the right shows it...Hey...
I'll take all the help I can get...right?

April 23, 2009

Do you ever get that feeling?

You know... it's time for a change?

I have this concept to try something new with my work and in my head...it is the greatest thing... so I start playing with it and I think.... what is the big deal???
Stay focussed..develop glazes... my forms continue to evolve... but I wonder if the "fashion" thing makes me feel like...ok...new season...new look...
The thing is... I really don't want my work to become a PRODUCT... I guess all object are... but it is also my art and that's ok...Right?


April 20, 2009

TWO Great features!!!

I am so excited about these cool features:
first Sandra of "Re Bop Shop" and her ETSY SHOP
featured me on her MELLOW TONES BLOG!

AND THEN.... the fabulous artist
"Cinnamon Soup" who is in HAWAII tweeted to me that she featured me on her Cinnamon Soup BLOG she does great work as well which can be found on her website
and her Cinnamon Soup ETSY SHOP !

How cool and nice is that????

April 14, 2009

ALL DONE!!! Finally.

Don't get too excited.. it's just the place settings that I have made for a favorite customer, who, incidentally ,has been quite patient... I didn't like the 1st ones, I felt they were warped and too flat, so I remade these, then the kiln was under firing etc... and so on...So... here they are... IF she still wants them....

I am trying to catch up on custom orders/requests as I really want to move on to some creative endeavors... We've been doing a spring cleaning in the house...redoing the boys rooms, painting, etc,,, PURGING... and NOW I'd like to IMMERSE myself in clay...

Who am I kidding?
This is not my life right now...to IMMERSE...
I keep thinking I will have a chunk of time to do it and well...
I am not going to "wait for godot"...ya know?
I've got to accept my other responsibilities and realize there is no "IMMERSION" happening currently..
That workshop will be a brief immersion... I'll take what I can get...

I LOVE my family.
I do.
I'd be miserable without them.
I'm always torn.
SO....the art thing just is so hard... this creative desire...the DESIRE TO MAKE is great...."a blessing and a curse".
But if it's a curse... I will take it because the blessing is far to intense for me to let go of it.
And so it goes.
I'm sorry for the rant.
Just know that I know that I am a very lucky chick.
I get it. But many of you get it too.
That's what really helps to know...I'm not alone in having these feelings.
I thank you.

April 11, 2009


Let me start by saying I am reading YOUR blogs RELIGIOUSLY.... even if I don't comment... I follow YOU PEOPLE...I have been posting new listings to my Etsy Site...LIKE a mad woman...

I also have been reading The Studio Potter Magazine and let me say... I LOVE THIS ISSUE!!! HERE is the magazine!
Chris Gustin's article was super:

I am so very excited that I took the plunge and will be taking his workshop: The Architecture Of The Pot at Anderson Ranch in Colorado this summer....
July 20-24th! I was able to fit it in while my kids are away at sleep away camp and BEFORE THEIR visiting day.... this is key. Frankly... I'd love to do a 10 day workshop but that concept appears to be far in the future...so this is perfect,they will be gone and I will hop a plane a few days later and grab one back in time to get home after midnight the day we drive up to the camp for visiting day... but so cool....
By the way this issue was "the body " and I just think every article in there speaks to me... so....Thank YOU!