November 07, 2011


So Jenny Mendez posted this in her blog this morning:
Title: Beauty
and captioned:
“The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins exposed.”

So I was obsessed with it...posted it to facebook and i kept feeling that it distinctly reminded me of nature....
Then I decided to rotate it and I was completely enamored with this HEART!

Do you see it?
And the delicacy of the form is so wonderful AND strong.
It beautifully demonstrates the fibonacci theory that
SIR Chris Gustin taught us in his workshop at Anderson Ranch 2+years ago...
that one did NOT fall on deaf ears!

And... after seeing my Dad's heart on a video screen when they were about to insert 7 stents...
I must say,
this is a truly beautiful thing.
It's fascinating to me.