September 27, 2007

Commentary on this Blog when I started this, this BLOG-thing, I thought... this will strictly be used for updating photos of my work and giving info on shows, competitions etc... but I will try something new now. Frankly, secretly, and not SOOOO secretly, I follow quite a few blogs.... mainly potters but the occasional knitter is of interest to me. Working in a fairly solo environment, in my home studio,however< leaves one to be interested in others' comments, thoughts and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Therefore... I may start to write more frequently...for a while at least... and see how it feels I will refrain from too much complaining as I can do that in my hand written journal... I will still use this for updates and new work photos but perhaps I'll throw in a few other thoughts and of course I WELCOME COMMENTS. So, let's go.
The above coffee pot, teapot, sugar and creamer set(Greenware) is based on a request at the Peters Valley Craft Show... If nothing comes of it...It goes into my for sale work!!!