August 16, 2012

Taking a Break

Deer Isle, Here we come!
Going to enjoy Down East, Maine.
I plan to relax, walk, stand-up paddle, sketch, do yoga, meditate, walk, explore, maybe bike, relax, try to check out Haystack, sketch, write, read, do puzzles, drink wine and eat LOBSTER!

If the kids can get along, and the weather can cooperate, I hope to pull myself out of the latest black cloud that prompted that last post...  Pottery explosions, freak accidents of pieces toppling over, kiln stilts sticking to a shelf and then dropping and cracking huge, labor intensive platters.

And then,
I think about how we must take each moment of each day with presence and embrace life.

A woman I knew as a beautiful lady, rocker and amazing photographer was heading to a job and stopped at a gas station complaining of a headache.
Then she was gone. Aneurism.
You NEVER know, so seize it.

Your light lives on, Linda.