April 14, 2011

Inspired By My Son (AKA XFactor HELL.)

Ok... I will link this to Ceramics.
I swear.
So, I have spent the past 48 hours in XFactor HELL with my dear 14 1/2 year old son Jake!
He is pictured here with his 15 year old friend Bree at the XFactor auditions in Newark NJ this AM.
It is probably 7am in this photo.

Let me back track.
Jake has been writing and performing music with his keyboard for years...
He has some songs recorded last year on itunes HERE.
He played at The Stone Pony with his buddy, Matt Callahan in early March.... Not great video work but it gives you an IDEA.

So he caught wind of the new Simon Cowell XFactor show that was coming to America and decided he HAD to give it a try.
I TRIED for MONTHS to tell him and plead my case s to why I felt this particular venue wasn't a good fit for him... but he persisted(like mother, like son)
My final PLEA (when we arrived at 11:30 PM Tuesday night to "camp out" for the HOLY wristband needed for the audition in TORRENTIAL RAIN and temperatures in the 40s...) was that because the chances of winning were better if we played the lottery, I was willing to buy ONE THOUSAND lottery tickets instead.

He passed.


Well,it was wet. This is a DRY photo. In between bouts... 4am perhaps. FROZEN and SOAKED.

We made it inside at 6:15am and and hit the road home with our wristbands at 6:30 am.

OK... well the really hard part was yet to come...
I felt like I was going to toss my cookies when we arrived at 5:15 this AM to get in line again... the nervousness in me was really the strongest right before his 20 second audition. These are the 36+"booths" with 2 judges in each... they pulled you along and away you went... He performed well,a soulful... albeit,mellow version of Albert King's I'll Play the Blues for You ... accapella. It was different...
and NICE. The judges were a bit clueless...
He tried and he was passed over.

THERE were 15-20000 people auditioning.
He stayed strong and did it.
He will move forward.
So what does he say as we are walking out?
"So, is the 1000 lottery tickets offer still available?"
I said, sadly, "Sorry Jake, I think not."
And we drove home.
We have had many conversations since the 11:45am car ride from Newark to home.
I believe Jake's talent lies in the fact that he is a whole AWESOME package...
He's into writing and producing as well as performing and I am drawn to that creative ability. Academically he's rockin' too...
He is wise while still being young.
I am proud to be his mom and I expect the future will be very interesting.

NOW... how does this relate to CERAMICS????
Well, I am always "waiting for the next one"...
I really don't put my work out there for competitions much....
Because...I always fell like the next piece will be better; The work isn't mature enough yet; etc.
I may be right... BUT...
I am clearly afraid of rejection.
This is not a way to live.
I have learned from my young son with the old soul to go ahead and try.
So... that's my plan.
But be patient.
I've got a lot on my PLATE.
Pun intended.