November 24, 2012



November 21, 2012


Check it out... this is written by my dear friend ANDY who is living with us for now... it may be one of many...
HERE!!! NBC!!!!
and it talks about my other lovely friend Katie Hunt Johnson!

November 16, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane has been devastating and yet, I am trying to create some sense of normalcy...

The kids are back in school, Mike has gone to work... and I have gotten into my studio....
I want to show photos of the devastation... but it is just exhausting...
I have a friend living with us now... until she can get her own place after losing her whole rental and most of the contents...

We are blessed in that we had damage but it missed our first floor by inches... but there was 2 feet of water in the garage, all the HVAC  and duct work/insulation under the house had to be ripped out and replaced but we are almost done...

Below shows how the river   came up to the house and washed up all the reeds/cattails, etc up with it...
The height of the water in the garage, and the crap that had to be discarded and replaced.

Lost several trees and various other items but compared to neighbors and friends...
Again, I cannot stress enough how lucky we were that it wasn't worse and the destruction was so much worse at our neighbors homes!

This documentary by Charlotte Nagy(a young girl) is a good indication of what happened to my town and the beach town(Sea Bright) right over the bridge(a 15 walk for me) from me... 
If you have a 1/2 hour... check it out.
Stuff everywhere... 
Boats everywhere... the boats we see on people's lawns are not theirs...
they were originally docked in the water OR DRY DOCKED
 no where near where they landed....

I have been to all of these places...
The reality is that indeed, it will NEVER be the same.
A lot of discussion and controversy as to how reconstruction occurs, especially in Sea Bright...
I have opinions... but for now, we are moving  our HVAC units that were raised to what we thought was high enough , about 1 foot higher...and insulating all the ducts with waterproof stuff!
These "storms of the century" seem to be happening every year or so and
we can not pretend they are not!
The impermanence of all things in life has become very, very evident.

I did get some work fired(when the electricity came back on... after 9 days)
and met with the owner of Vessels Gallery from BOSTON Tuesday
who was in Brooklyn, visiting...
Traffic was crazy getting in to the city,BUT,
I was able to let her choose from some of this work for an upcoming (white) show!
And I was able to dig in to some other pieces and get get started on them in the studio...
The world(and the wheel) keeps spinning and life goes on...
I guess.. but it is very weird...

November 01, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Or as I like to call her:
Silica Bitch. 
I am posting from my Iphone
Under 50 blankets in my freezing 
bedroom as the electric is not yet corrected
AND since we had a full crawl space of sea water,
About 2 feet in our attached garage amd missed 
entering the house by ONE inch,
Its cold in here.  
Even when electric gets turned on, we cannot until we rewire/abd get all new
Air con and heat units as ours are seeming corroded by the sea water. 
That said, we were so lucky.  
Our property was covered in cat tails,
The river must have flowed in and out a few times.  It 
knocked down the wood playset, filled the hed,
Turned over 3 giant leland cypresses we planted about 10 years ago.
Pulled mike's new holly bushes outand the wind  threw
down a few massive trees... But compared to our neighbors and other ares of town
And SEA BRIGHT, a 15 minute walk fron my house to the beach town
that is now completely destroyed, we are incredibly lucky...
My family is safe and so is our home... Just needs some work.  

I have so much to say and nothing.  
That us all I can for now.  
Just support any one affected by this natural disaster.  
We are sttarting by having a displaced friend stay in our
"igloo" with us and reaching out to other friends in need.  
I know there will be a lor of charitable opportunities 
and as I hear of "good" ones, I will reach out...
In the  meantime don't forget about the JERSEY SHORE!