April 29, 2012

April 19, 2012

Nothing Like Waiting 'Til The Last Minute...

I am submitting these photos for the next 500 Teapots by Lark Books.
The deadline is tomorrow.
So I am submitting tomorrow.
The problem is, my printer is not cooperating.
It does not get it.
I need to PRINT OUT what is on the disc...
It says it right there in the instructions.
The printer EVIDENTLY does not LIKE instructions...
SO...Tomorrow(because I need one more thing to do tomorrow),
I will find a Kinkos type to print the images on the disc.
THEN, I will ship it off...of course... it is ENTIRELY possible
that the images won't be selected for the book.
In that case, I do wish I could receive constructed criticism
as to WHY???
But, ALAS, rejection does not come with explanations for these things...
SO... come January when they notify the applicants, If I am rejected,
I will ask for YOUR criticism. For now, I would like to sleep.

April 08, 2012

The Actual Press

Got back from vacation and I received my copy in the mail...
I know, "big deal", but just wanted to share...
Do you see it?