April 19, 2012

Nothing Like Waiting 'Til The Last Minute...

I am submitting these photos for the next 500 Teapots by Lark Books.
The deadline is tomorrow.
So I am submitting tomorrow.
The problem is, my printer is not cooperating.
It does not get it.
I need to PRINT OUT what is on the disc...
It says it right there in the instructions.
The printer EVIDENTLY does not LIKE instructions...
SO...Tomorrow(because I need one more thing to do tomorrow),
I will find a Kinkos type to print the images on the disc.
THEN, I will ship it off...of course... it is ENTIRELY possible
that the images won't be selected for the book.
In that case, I do wish I could receive constructed criticism
as to WHY???
But, ALAS, rejection does not come with explanations for these things...
SO... come January when they notify the applicants, If I am rejected,
I will ask for YOUR criticism. For now, I would like to sleep.


  1. Wonderful teapots! I especially like the middle one--the texture and the handle are fantastic. Hope they end up in the book!

  2. I don't think it's possible that one of these gorgeous teapots won't make it in the book.

  3. Can't imagine that you will get turned down unless they choose blind judges, which sometimes happens! Best of luck!

  4. those are pretty flippin' awesome :) I have my photos submitted too, good luck to you and me both!

  5. and look how late I am- I love the third one!


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