December 31, 2007

The Last Day of the Year

Well.. as the year comes to a close... I am slowly moving forward.
I LOVE all of the comments and communication with appreciators as well as fellow potters and artists!
I hope the blog can have more interaction in the new year.
Our work is so solitary... which I do LOVE... but I also love people and community and those I have been in touch with this past year have really lifted me... so...
We will all face issues and accomplishments, sadness and happiness in the new year.
Let's keep a strong inner strength and move forward...together...


Just thought I'd let you see what else is coming out of the mess...

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December 29, 2007

and on and on...

well well well...
I like the tearing but I also like the refining so I'm working to bring BOTH into the work,
2 shots shown... also- I've been using standard 365... which i like BUT I think 213 is better for my twists and turns... less CRACKING.... so I went to ceramic supply and loaded up!
I still like 365 for exposed porcelain and the jewelry... it fires out smoother...... but there are different issues involved...
I'll keep y'all posted.(you'd think i live in the south with that comment... not grey day NEW JERSEY!)

December 26, 2007

well well well

Not sure I love the ripping, tearing... aspects of it I like.... playing around at altering in a wetter stage... looking for a happy(?) medium to allow fluidity into the form that I feel I was beginning to lose so I am still developing as usual... but pulling back a bit on the ripping... going toward what I know and trying to create more of a subtlety... I guess the joke of it is... IF I ever got to where it felt JUST RIGHT... would I be on to something new.... ah...that's the rub.....

December 25, 2007

And the beat goes on...

I know some of you may think this is new for me... all of this blogging and inside information...
The truth is... I would report all day long....I get so "in my head" about the work... and you would never know it if I didn't open my mouth... because the most subtle change can be huge to me... the ripping look stems back to the beginning of my development... when I frankly had no clue about what I was doing...
Not sure I know much more today... just have alot of receipts from clay and junk...
I want to stick with this "new direction and continue it into functional day to day pieces as well..
Of course... there is loss.
I lost the tray and a chip and dip... but... I press on... and it may evolve further... the reality is that it's newish to me but it is not starting from scratch... my work over the past 5 years goes into these pieces as well... I have always fluctuated between refining the work and loosening up... or at least... giving a looser feeling...
I really am trying allow the visceral effect that clay has on me come through the work and I fluctuate somewhere between skin and fabric....
But yet to come is the glaze.... I estimate that I will start very simply... with ones I know... although I have this whole abstract concept in my head to follow the form... freely with a contrast or complimenting swish(more like a swash...) of color... but I have a feeling I may take my time on that... so here is what I've got today...
The studio is pretty messy for me... as I tend to clean up alot to focus better....
Don't ask me how I got in there today(the studio)... Mike really hung with the boys... It's xmas day and being jewish... all we really did was help my friend last night... we were her elves!!! it was fun...and we shared our tradition of chinese food on christmas with her... that is every year... it felt right!
So here the pics are and my best to anyone who reads as I truly wish you happy holidays and a fabulous new year! (but I've been so CHATTY lately.. you may read some more before the new year!)

December 19, 2007

Maker vs. Artist

If you are reading this...are you a Maker vs. an Artist?
I think especially during the holiday season we are constantly face with this issue and I am curious how others address it....

Still evolving

the tray I am working on:

December 18, 2007


So... I I had one of my many epiphanies last night that I wanted to do more"experimenting" and allow my work to evolve further... I feel like my pieces are too hard... I know you're thinking..."hard"?????They are ceramic... of course the are hard... but I feel like the spontaneity...the wetness and fluidness of clay had left what first drew me into ripping and shifting the clay and now with more structural knowledge I want to bring it back... the return of the rip... but now I can refine the rip... a structured organic feeling.... Tell me what you think...