December 26, 2007

well well well

Not sure I love the ripping, tearing... aspects of it I like.... playing around at altering in a wetter stage... looking for a happy(?) medium to allow fluidity into the form that I feel I was beginning to lose so I am still developing as usual... but pulling back a bit on the ripping... going toward what I know and trying to create more of a subtlety... I guess the joke of it is... IF I ever got to where it felt JUST RIGHT... would I be on to something new.... ah...that's the rub.....


  1. I think that's just part of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, Judi. If you keep trying new stuff, maybe it will help you make decisions about where you are going and what you're currently doing.

    I personally like the new work shown in the post below. They do have a fluidity that's very appealing to me.

    I don't know how I missed the last 2 posts - I'm sure I checked.

  2. well... i'll make a public comment about that... I'm just wild with all this posting!!!


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