November 24, 2009

Fun Front Page of Etsy Today!

With my Tsunami Sushi Set pieces!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 17, 2009

Great New Online Gallery

The Laurel Tracey Gallery in Red Bank has just open this online gallery called ...interestingly enough : Laurel Tracey Online !

It is so great because it has small works available from FABULOUS artists and once you buy a taste of them in a smaller size like this:

Elwood Howell. Red Bird
Elwood Howell
Acrylic on Panel 7 x 7 in Framed
Price: $350.00

You may be interested in in a larger piece...Like this... at
The Laurel Tracey Gallery

Green-Blue, 2009. Acrylic on linen, 40 x 38 inch (Call for pricing)

They are launching the on-line site with a gallery opening:
This Saturday: November 21st.
6pm -9pm
10 White Street
Red Bank, NJ
Check it out!

November 14, 2009


I was contacted by a lovely ETSY person to tell me that I was featured in her Treasury!
It is so beautiful and cheery during this INCLEMENT weather...that I just wanted to share... And of course show you my Lidded Vessel!

November 13, 2009

Always nice to get a little press...

A little something in the news...
My sushi Set is in the Asbury Park Press Magazine 4074 Nov/Dec issue scroll through to find my sushi set...

You can find the whole set to order on ETSY .

Or a small portion available now!
Also on Etsy!

A little something on this dreary,rainy day...

November 09, 2009

Something to put your liquid in?

I posted some new drinking vessels on Etsy.
What I like about this is the way I played with strontium crystal magic spraying it with my glazes and how i have started to develop some crystals and blush reminiscent of a gas kiln firing... I'm not saying its the SAME... just interesting....

November 06, 2009

New Eye Candy from the Kiln.

Just thought I'd share...
They are all on my ETSY site!

November 03, 2009

Back in the swing!

Getting back in the game my friends...
I have a bisque fire going and plans to glaze fire...
Yes... I am back...
Frankly, I never left.
I've listed a few new pieces on ETSY ...