November 09, 2009

Something to put your liquid in?

I posted some new drinking vessels on Etsy.
What I like about this is the way I played with strontium crystal magic spraying it with my glazes and how i have started to develop some crystals and blush reminiscent of a gas kiln firing... I'm not saying its the SAME... just interesting....


  1. OMIGOSH these are probably the absolute prettiest mugs! Man oh man.
    Btw, this is a new blog address for me, the last one got filled up :)

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM


    is on the Etsy front page Monday night at 5 pm Eastern.
    At last, something cool and sophisticated on the FP!
    Great job!

  3. Very pretty mugs. I love your cut feet.

  4. I love them too! I need one!

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    beautiful pots judi, in the previous post too. good thing you're not saying it's the same, you'd start an uprising, a holy war.

  6. Thanks for all of the fabulous comments! I was really happy to see that front page deal! My views went from about 100 on Sunday to 800 on Monday... Very interesting.
    Jim, YOU KNOW I don't want the holy war!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean...
    I just can't believe I can start to see the crystals... now how far to push it, without everything ending u in puddles glazed to the kiln shelf????
    Basically, this process, I would trade in a nano-second vs. the life challenges I have been facing. BUT I know that both issues are all part of my journey here on earth!

  7. So glad your back -and just in time for snowboarding season!


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