July 20, 2012

Sidney Swidler

Yesterday I was out taking a walk with Mike and I get a phone call that shows up as Michigan... I am thinking... WRONG NUMBER.
This gentleman introduces himself as Sidney Swidler... sounded familiar but wasn't sure why...
He tells me he is interested in this piece of mine on Etsy and that he really has been a collector over the years and a couple of years ago he gifted 804 pieces to the Crocker Museum and he is retired but he is still doing some collecting.
It sounded real and I agreed to help him purchase the piece and thanked him so very much for his interest!!!
We followed up on the telephone today as he completed his purchase and I had a long, lovely conversation with him about his decisions were made, especially the gifting decision...
He continued by telling me he has already sent a photo of the piece to the lovely lady at the Crocker Museum as they are to choose pieces from his collection to take when he leaves this earth( I let him know I truly hoped that was not in the near future...being in his mid-eighties, he had no interest in leaving yet.
Of course NOW I need to buy the Book!
Needless to say, this was a wonderfully cool experience and I could not be happier having met this fine, appreciative gentleman... so I wanted to share it with you!