November 20, 2008


Not earth shattering but developing as an idea.
It may go no where.
Or a fun grouping/series.
Back to my fashion days... I like to create happy little vignettes.
Who knew?
You see.. I tend to develop ideas a little backwards.
I have an idea and I carve or whatever and then I feel like I've seen it before.
So I tried to figure out where these starbursts are coming from...
Don't really know but it feels vintage to me...
My Grandma Hattie's that is an interesting discussion
all by itself... there was a metal(gold gilded of course) clock or mirror.
And crockery... like metal 60's or 70's crockery...
This is what happens to my brain at this hour.
Could be great.
Or it could be just a late night idea that in the light of day is not as fabulous...
BUT... I will try to work through it. It's a departure while not really.
Spikey. But Spikey in the Round.