October 10, 2010


I need to thank June Perry by way of Tony Clennell for the link to this video in which Eva Zeisel(then 94) Now she is....about 104...yes, it appears she remains alive!
Keep in mind, Beatrice Wood lived to be 105....
Anyway, it is so intense, as I have read about her before and truly adore her work, sense of exquisite design. She is from Budapest which my grandmother, Frances Pearl Kronheim Geller's family was from and I can't help wondering if the families knew each other, back in the day...(Frannie only made it until about 92...but she, too was creative and artistic,schooled in art, and in her 60's designed and made semi-precious stone-based jewelry that she sold to Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales and called herself "The Grandma Jewelry Designer". I miss her.)
I wish this talk was longer!