January 27, 2009

Creative Development

I've been developing vases/vessels and I've SMUSHED quite a few and have some others that I like but these are the latest... some get too busy and I am liking these forms and the gestural quality... I anticipate some slumping of those delicate parts in the firing process... any tips or prop suggestions are always appreciated... I do have some ideas... or just let the chips fall...

Glazing will be an issue as I need to boogie on making new glazes and no time to experiment with these... It will be something tried and true I think... I have the 12(13-1 extra) bowls of my 3 piece 12 person place setting commission ready to bisque and I really need to get back to the things people have already ordered... I also have 2 sushi sets to do...

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Accepting Votes: 1/27/2009 to 2/2/2009

Keeping in mind I have a piece in there... seen in my previous blog post...HOWEVER, be sincere! There are some super pieces!!!