March 28, 2011

Me and Don Reitz(the legend)at St. Pete's Clay. Great trip already!

Me and Don Reitz(the legend)at St. Pete's Clay.  Great trip already! by judi tavill
Great trip already!, a photo by judi tavill on Flickr.

Ok. Well I have to say, this doesn't suck. Mike definitely appreciates MOST fine clay. Therefore, we have seen some EXCELLENT work already at St. Pete's Clay and made a couple of acquisitions.
Don Reitz was working on these with his assistant and he still ROCKS!

March 26, 2011

Pre NCECA Workshop Tom and Elaine Coleman

photo.JPG by judi tavill
photo.JPG, a photo by judi tavill on Flickr.

Day One down! Day Two tomorrow.
St. Pete's is cute. Mike is with me through Tuesday.
Workshop is great. Colemans are great. Hosts are great.
Mike leave Tues and then I'm Hyatt bound in Tampa for NCECA.I have to say... Not really in the porcelain zone and I felt llkeIi made some progress in the studio a couple of days before i left with stoneware and slips BUT in the big picture, conceptuall,y it is all very good.

March 17, 2011

2 steps forward one step back...

Speckled Stoneware, wheel thrown and altered with chocolate stoneware slip,brushed layered glazes.

March 04, 2011

Feeling like a SLACKER...

on so many levels....
The dog is growing, learning and CHEWING.
I have finally configured shelves to block out her ability
to "get into stuff"...
She has a passion for CARDBOARD.
I never realized how much cardboard I have...
Well...Here is the latest:

So, I have pursued some tableware ideas...

which I am fairly excited about.... but too early to tell...

And then there is my RED thing....
RED hair streaks,
My RED mug, and CHAI TEA!

(which is how we have a puppy named CHAI!)
Anyway, I plan to do more work...
I REALLY PLAN on it....