December 20, 2012

It's alway's SUMTHIN'... Thank you Rosanna, Rosannadanna...

Review of the Winter Whites Show at Vessels Gallery in The Boston Globe.
I think I was pretty lucky regarding the use of scary adjectives for the other work...
BUT my name is spelled wrong....(Judi with an "i"...hmmmm...)


DECEMBER 18, 2012
Celebrating white

White is the palette at Vessels Gallery. “Winter Whites” features ceramicists who work in or with white. Naoko Matsumoto’s “Coral Teapot” series features tiny pots that are creepy, fey, and exquisite. “Coral Teapot VI” looks covered with radiant barnacles, with spiky leaf-like forms for its handle. Joan Walton’s “Stretched White Tube” appears constructed with small, pebbly wads of gum, each seamed and crackly, mottled with brown. Judy Tavill’s vessels are deeply corrugated, creating a sense of fluid motion in a teapot or a bowl.
Also on view are Boston’s resident abstract expressionist Jo Ann Rothschild’s nutty and delightful cartoony drawings. These are spare and small compared with the artist’s paintings, less operatic and more sly. “Birthday, LC” features ragged inked circles, some squiggled over, some toothed or ringed with petals, frolicking around and over a steamy phantasm of pink folding into mauve — quite celebratory.

Full ARTS Review HERE!

OH... and I hope the apocalyptic ZOMBIES don't get you!
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