December 19, 2007

Maker vs. Artist

If you are reading this...are you a Maker vs. an Artist?
I think especially during the holiday season we are constantly face with this issue and I am curious how others address it....


  1. I'm both, I think. I like making stuff, and every so often I have some artistic insight. I tell you one thing though, I don't like cranking out work just to crank it out. I have to be inspired, motivated or something.

  2. When there's lots of time and i can just sit and muse and let the clay tell me how it's going to come out -- it's the artist in me speaking.
    When time is limited or rushed, the maker materializes, making bowls, etc., striving for symmetry.

  3. great... keep 'em coming... I empathize with both of you... welcome chae!

  4. Judi-
    Its nice to see you write thoughts down. You know how I am about Making vs. artist....always up in the air with me.
    I like your ripped stuff and what is coming from it...keep going!
    Happy holiday, jen

  5. thanks jen...the tray... didn't make it...big crack...
    happy xmas!


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