December 31, 2007

The Last Day of the Year

Well.. as the year comes to a close... I am slowly moving forward.
I LOVE all of the comments and communication with appreciators as well as fellow potters and artists!
I hope the blog can have more interaction in the new year.
Our work is so solitary... which I do LOVE... but I also love people and community and those I have been in touch with this past year have really lifted me... so...
We will all face issues and accomplishments, sadness and happiness in the new year.
Let's keep a strong inner strength and move forward...together...


Just thought I'd let you see what else is coming out of the mess...

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  1. Your new work is GORGEOUS!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks a bunch!!!
    Did I tell you I tried the celedon?

  3. Your work has always been lush, but it is becoming so much more so. It is sensual, even. I had no idea pitchers, vases, and teapots could be so sexy!

  4. Happy New Year's Judi
    Your work has such grace and form. Awesome work!
    Thanks for sharing the info on "ripping and tearing" with me.
    And yes! Let's continue to build our artists community - one post at a time.
    May all good things come your way this coming year.

  5. Judi I love the shape of the piece on the left/middle. So classic, yet so beautifully your style. How will you glaze it?

  6. My first response is: probably very simply, spray glazing with a clolor that will accentate the form...
    Thanks for checking in!


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