June 24, 2008

Gallery on Grant Reception: Thursday, July 17th 2008

Monday, July 7th my work is going into an exhibit that is being set at the
JCC of Greater Monmouth County
100 Grant Ave., Deal Park, NJ 07723
Its a $500 and Under Exhibit
It will run until August 7th

Artists showing:
Nanci Hersh, Karen Belfer, Claire Boren, Arleen Mollow, Anthony Migliaccio, Judi Tavill, Judy Mamiye, Sandra Kund, and,Joyce Spalandorff

Opening Reception:
Thurs. July 17 / 6:30-8 pm

It is prior to the Jeff Blumenkrantz concert at 8 pm:
This award winning actor/composer acted in or composed numerous Broadway productions, including Urban Cowboy, A Class Act, How to Succeed in Business, Damn Yankees & Into the Woods.
Jeff's film & TV acting credits include Dear Diary, Anastasia, Will and Grace, Law and Order and Conviction. Jeff received a 2003 Tony nomination for songs he contributed to the score of Urban Cowboy.

732-531-9100 ext. 142
Tickets: Adult $25, Senior/Student $20

Here are some examples of my work in the show:


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Judi - your pieces are gorgeous! Good luck with your show. I love the bowl and vase at bottom. Actually I'd be happy with all three!

  2. Good Luck Judi
    Your designs desearve first prize.

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Judi I am liking those satin matt glazes over your forms. Makes them look like they need to be touched.

  4. Your pieces are beautiful. :)

  5. Your pieces are so gorgeous! I hope the show is going well for you!
    Todd in Santa Fe


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