December 06, 2008

Steamboat Springs Teapot show opening and... OATMEAL!

Well.. the opening in Steamboat was last night(I think) and the lovely Deb Babcock forwarded photos of the teapots on display. Since this is my blog... I'll show you where mine are!

That's my yellow one! (To the right of the brighter yellow!)

This is my soft blue one is this pic! Sitting next to the lovely Kristen Swanson's Set!

And lastly... My Toasted Marshmallow Teapot!

All are for sale through the gallery!

This is me eating oatmeal out of my new Deb Schwarzkopf CUP(this picture is using the computer cam...sorry it's not great!) from the Demerest Show... I'll eek out my purchases... I don't want to give you everything at once! That's no fun!


  1. Great work Judi! Love it!

  2. Your work looks so graceful. I hope the holiday sales are going well.

  3. Lots of interesting pots there! My favourits are yours (of course) and one in the second photo, second from the left at the top (the white one).

    That new mug is huge! I've noticed you seem to like pieces that are very different from your own. Is this true? I look forward to seeing what else you bought!

  4. Thanks gang!
    Actually the shot of the mug is weird... More of a normal size in real life!!!
    And I definitely have a very eclectic taste in art...and pots... so... my chance to evolve my own work remains WIDE OPEN!

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Fantastic teapot show!!

    I hope you sell them all...

    Love that jumbo mug you're holding too. Look how sassy you look ;)

  6. Love the teapots as always!

    And love your "duck butt" mug be Deb, took a workshop from her a couple years ago...


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