May 03, 2009

ALS: Lou Gerrig's Disease.... A little off topic.

My friend who was diagnosed with ALS 2 1/2 years ago,Pam, showed me photos yesterday.
She had an opportunity to spend 15 mins with Jane Fonda after her Broadway performance in 33 Variations . Pam told me that she and Colin Hanks(Tom's son) spent a half hour and Jane was crying at the end. Jane Fonda wrote about Pam in her BLOG. Please click on that!

If you know me, I bring her up quite frequently because since she was diagnosed, it has been a huge part of our (me,mike,our kids) lives as we have spent a great deal of time with the family... and continue to see them quite frequently. It's been a huge part of our existence and has definitely had a huge impact. The boys are 6,almost 10,12 and 14 and the 2 older ones have a "band" with my son, Jake.(They are very close friends)

Jake who is now 12 1/2 has taken on the role of educator and fundraiser for the cause ... He is currently raising money and awareness for ALS Research with a bike ride that he has spearheaded (it's a national event...his part is local)with the help of his "mentor" Michele Dupree! You can learn more and donate HERE.
If you prefer to send a check, please write it out to ALS-TDI and email me for the address! I'm trying to give Jake a little "help" here...
Jake has written essays about Pam and ALS and he has also writen music that is about Pam... I can't begin to tell you how fired up he is about this...

Years ago...

Here we were for Halloween one year...I think Sam was about 5 months old so Jake(in the photo) was almost 4!
Pam's an Angel... I am the WITCH!(shocking, I know)

Here we are on a ski trip years later She is pictured with my 2 boys:

This was 2 years ago this coming summer...She is in a wheel chair and her breathing was going...

When you check out Jane Fonda's blog. You will see photos from Wednesday.

This disease is horrific.
Enough said.


  1. Hi Judy, my heart goes out to you and Pam and all those in your families. My husband's closest family friend died from ALS years ago. We used to go camping and jeeping with him and his wife. He was a John Muir type of a guy, hiking in the Sierra for hours and coming back in the evening; he taught me some great trout fishing techniques. He died two years after he retired, his name was Jake.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story...Wow!

  3. Judi - I forwarded your post along with Jane's blog to my friend Bill, whose wife has ALS -


  4. Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Judi. My husband's father dies of ALS, so it has a keen place in our hearts.


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