July 13, 2010

My 1st time demo-ing... Dare I say...Virgin Experience?

So... this was Brooklyn.
It was great.
Really just fun to be amongst some very cool, creative people.
The weather ,however, was not COOL.
It was Hot... and I was SHVITZIN'...big time.
And then when the nerves set in about doing a demo...
I was swimming in sweat...
I know... very attractive.
The band that was doing a sound check in the court yard chose my demo time to really crank it up...
But I actually enjoyed the day.

Below are photos of my set up.
ALL of these photos are from my new friend Nonna who was at the table next to me...
I forgot my camera and had to rely on the kindness of others...
I was NOT expecting the demo photos.


  1. Contrats, Nonna took some great photos of you Judy, and your work looks wonderful too.

  2. Good color shirt for your shvitzing! You look cool as a cucumber.
    The shvitzing thing happens to me all the time. Too bad terrycloth headbands aren't in style! I'd need one.

    Nice looking group of pots.

  3. I love that full on laugh! Great shot!

  4. I'm so happy you liked the pictures!
    You look fabulous and your work is FANTASTIC!

  5. Thanks guys!
    Michael... I think sweatbands are seriously under explored... They don't get as much play as disco balls and roller derby but I will re-start the trend with you!

  6. Looks like you're having fun in the demo! And sounds like you had your own back-up band as well!

    Your work looks lovely.

    I'm already wearing a headband when I throw. It's very fetching... You know how we trend-setters are here in California!

  7. i dunno, i think i'd just go with the fan...less trend setting perhaps but better for the hair...!

  8. Judi: newsflash!
    I just heard about Lebron james and it appears that he's making good use of a headband and making millions doing it! There's our in!


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