November 16, 2010

"They say the waiiaiaiting is the hardest part..."

Waiting for the Kiln to cool...
I almost feel like I jinx it by posting this...
However... what's done is done.
So... I want to post some photos when this new batch comes out...

I have a whole new plan for my display going forward.
Starting with just a few things for these small set ups I am doing... but I can expand.
Found a good folding shelf that the reviews on quality were strong and the price was decent. So I bought a few(they are stack-able possibly but) at this point it's a table top deal and I will use a 6 foot table with.... these new WHITE shelves and a creamy burlap fabric...Its the real deal burlap... a little bit of shedding, but hopefully... that won't be a big issue... I want a neutral natural(?) hip look and I am looking forward to working with the white and cream as background colors... made some displays with the burlap on some white easel frames to hang pendants, etc... I figure, It has that natural look so smudges of dirt won't be a biggie and where I cut the ends...I will just pull the threads away to give it a bit of a fringe...
I had this idea last night at 12:30am... and went and purchased the stuff today...
so we shall see...

I'm sure the kiln is still only at 500 degrees now...
*twiddling of thumbs*
I will wait.


  1. Would love to see your set up when you have it done! Since my background is design, I'm all about the booth display! I have used burlap for lots of things in the past, makes me sneeze a lot but I love the look of it. Oh weird, my word verification is berlash

  2. we used burlap for years- old tobacco bags- use to drape our gallery walls and used it for display.
    I have seen both burlap and old apple crates showing up again.
    It will interest me to see what you do.

  3. funny judi, i even go down into the basement to check the temperature when i'm sure it can't be less than 1000 degrees. it's a funny ritual we all do, waiting

  4. Burlap is great... after the shedding. I did some new deco in my gallery shop with it to kick-off the Fall season. Looks really good. But, man, I had burlap dust-bunnies for days. (Burlap and clay dust. Suck it in and toughen up those lungs!... Actually, I was able to get it under control with a couple of good moppings.)

    Hope your kiln load comes out great!


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