December 06, 2011

The beat goes on...

Well.. my official SALE is over...
I am happy to have anyone ring me up to
see what is left.
I had a productive two days...
since I have been rather prolific as I experimented and developed over the
past year with very few sales outlets...
(I have been waiting to have a cohesive statement in my new work)
I still have plenty to sell.
Again, I actually did quite well but I really want to move
(at least the older work)
So... I have decided to open a new separate Etsy SALES Shop
for liquidating perfectly fine work that for whatever reason is not representative
of my current body of work. It is called jtceramicsales on Etsy.
Older work, experimental, and slightly flawed.
That's my plan.

I want to separate the two shops visually yet link them with mentions on each...
The original shop will have new face to it with ONLY items from my current body of work.
It will be more of a gallery shop.
It is still listed on Etsy as jtceramics.

This is my plan for now... trying to get organized as we approach the new year.

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