December 28, 2011

Vacation December 2011

Well, I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday and have a PHENOMENAL New Year.
We have been in Steamboat, CO... and although we did the SNOW DANCE...
No snow...just ice, rocks and grass...
Just Ice...
So... YESTERDAY I got out there with "the boyz" on my snow board...
after a break the day before when I had a back spasm after 2 days of snowboarding...
Anyway, the boys have been spending a lot of time jumping around in the terrain parks...
which is not really my cup of tea...
That said... here is a little video when sam put the GO PRO camera on Sam's helmet and
he zoomed through some of the stuff in the park...
Be looking for me at the end and you will see my little CAMEO!


  1. Rock on Judi! Brings back memories of my snowboard days. Hoping for snow here, Gerry got new bindings for Christmas!

  2. Here is a Colorado Snow Dance! :)
    It's Powderful.

    Peyton Rae Palomino

  3. go judi!!! that's great heheh sam... mums singing heheheheh :))

  4. cool video judi... happy new year

  5. Bummer about the snow - Ron just put a deposit on a condo for spring break in Steamboat...sigh.

    Love the video!
    (and your new work...)

  6. Thank you and may your new year rock.

  7. Cool snowboarding skills, man! Do you always do this during winter? I guess you should prolly do this in other places - practice and show off those nice moves you got! The vid is quite short… You should make a longer version of it. ;)


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