January 17, 2012

I need a "DO OVER"...

I declare today the last day of the past year of my life.
I just feel totally behind the 8 ball.
I am moving forward and happy with stuff but I am not in any real groove...
At least it isn't a groove I am happy with...
I want to get on track...
Get in my exercise....consistently...
Meditate...Yoga....Eat healthy(for the most part).
Get rid of the anxiety that builds...
Get to the store ahead of time so that I am not panicked about making dinner at 5:45.
When I live a more organized life, admittedly, I feel less anxious.
Therefore, I am more relaxed.
So, as LUCKY as I am to have a life that allows for
flexibility... I need some structure. I just do.
I am always learning and this is what I have now learned.
Therefore... I need a "DO-OVER".
I am taking it now.
THE REST OF MY LIFE.... Care to join me?


  1. Hey girl! I think all of us go through these feelings at the beginning of a new year. one step at a time! My husband found out he has an ulcer during the holidays, he was very sick from it, and we have seriously changed our diet since Christmas. It feels good, we make a conscience effort now to eat right, lost three pounds already, yay!
    I'm trying to get more focused and work more seriously, I need a button that says quit being so lazy!
    Sounds like you are making some great plans for the new year, best wishes for success!!!

  2. What you need are more hugs too. They've been doing wonders for my stress lately ;)

  3. sounds like a plan Judi :)) get organised and get healthier I like it!!

  4. Zygote,I will take a hugs... Tracey,I hope Gary gets better :(, Angela, I have been taking quercitin for months! Seems to help... The deal is I have been doing everything I need to, just not consistently... I need consistency!

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  6. Hey Judy,

    just make sure that this striving for consistency is not a striving for perfection. It's good to take a step back and analyze what you need at the moment, but don't let it interfere with what YOU want to do. Don't let anything pressure you into being what you are not - and don't take little missteps as failure. Nobody is perfect - we all screw up!

    And that's perfectly ok :D

  7. Mel, Thanks... I hear ya... and that is something I DO have to be careful about... I try to avoid the perfection strife thing all of the time... I agree....I just feel like I have been telling myself "you don't HAVE TO do this or that " and instead, it works against me... I physically FEEL better when I have consistent exercise(doesn't have to be the same thing...) and eat a more healthy diet, get more sleep(that is a big one)...etc... I could stay in the studio for EVER... BUT... this is not my life... I have jid/husband/even FATHER responsibilities to attend to and I also want to claim back my own health... It isn't like I have gone crashing through the guardrails BUT... I keep swerving...ya know... ? Therefore, I PROMISE to allow for flexibility but I am just trying to to ster this ship in the right direction... it is a much smoother ride internally when I do! Thank YOU!

  8. Like the notion of the do-over......getting back on track or perhaps finding a new one. (Lots of tracks have nice little sidings and spurs.) Anxiety is one of those killer emotions that seems to lead to very little benefit.The only positive thing I can find about it is that once recognized it can lead to changes.

    I've been enjoying your previous entries and especially the pots!

  9. i'll take a COUPLE of those !

  10. What IS is about 2012??!! I am going through the same thing- lot's of journal writing...feel an itch, but not sure where to scratch!


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