September 07, 2012

In the studio...and so it goes...

Drying a bit ... close to 25" now... They have to shrink to fit in the kiln... 
They are DYING to be carved!

These are currently being bisque fired... I did a 12 hour hold at 180 F so hopefully no explosions...

This is Chai... She is meditating... She is ZEN like that...


  1. Yes - those tall ones are just screaming! "Carve me! Carve me!

  2. wish I could go taller, I have to be under 19 inches. your clay looks like a mixture of several on those tall ones? good luck with the firing.

  3. Fabulous tall pots...can't wait till they're carved. Love your work!
    Wish you didn't do the word verification, but instead did a moderation on your comments. I hate trying to read the numbers & letters. Other bloggers have told me that they really don't do that much, and urk us who comment.
    Barb at Alchemy of Clay

  4. First of all, that is the cutest zen master ever!! I would imagine carving those tall pieces to be a zen experience as well. I just love this new direction you have taken, wish you much success with it! xo
    48duricu signing off, haha! didn't take
    9selsofu, let's try again.....

  5. Wow, those are some tall beauties just waiting for the magic to begin!
    Awww, adorable puppy <3

  6. Barb, I hear you get spam if you do that so for now, I will leave the annoying code thing... BUT I did begin to carve...

  7. I am digging that bottle on the banding wheel- it is fab.

  8. First off - Chai is adorable! I imagine she is much calmer now than when you first brought her home?

    Love your new work Judi - really inspiring!

    On the word verification thingy - I often have to input the letters 5+ times before it'll take. sigh...

  9. hey chai fluffy zen chic!!


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