September 29, 2012

The girls are done!!!

Stick a fork in them!
Now I need a vault to put them in so that I don't have
any disasters before they get to their soon to be new home in Long Island!
That said.... I have had some other work come out but my new way to take photos is by 
an open door and right after I shot these, the sun came out!
(works great when overcast...)
They really shrink... as you all know... 
They started at over 26" as the tallest height and 
we are down to 22 ish...

However, here is a smaller little sumpin' sumpin'
that I am saving for Vessels Gallery in Boston as a possibility for some work she will be showing!


  1. they look super, I am surprised at how much they shrink height wise, what clay do you use?

  2. Must say, I just love your work!

    Simple as that.

    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. Very nice, thanks for the information.


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