February 19, 2013


For NOW...
If you have read my blog through the years, you know my friend Pam suffered from that
crappy disease: ALS- Lou Gerrig's Disease.
She passed away one year ago after a long, drawn out struggle with the illness...
(over 5 years)
We will be toasting to her spirit tonight...

As it turns out, my son, Sam is turning 13 this May and he decided to raise money for KICKING ALS's BUT by designing, drawing and arranging manufacturing of items with his GRAFFITI ART... ALL OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO ALS-TDI
which is involved in intense research studies to find therapies to slow and stop this crappy (Did I use that word again?) illness.
I helped him to set up a WEBSITE(click on "WEBSITE") to sell his tees and we can ship them out if you buy the ones including shipping! We got it up and running TODAY!

People are being diagnosed more and more.
Though about 10% of the cases are definitely genetic, there appears to be some environmental
factors setting off the illness. WE NEED TO GET ON THIS before it becomes worse and worse.
If you can help, in any way... PLEASE TRY...
OH, and by the way, he plans to be famous some day so this T shirt may become a

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